Born to do Shoeplay

Author: Ninni Gonzales.

Hi guys, my name is Ninni Gonzales Shoeplay I'm a young Shoeplayer and my co-worker says that I'm a real dipper! But for me it's so instinctive to do shoeplay heelpopping and dipping in my Luxury High Heels and Wedges in public.
I live in Madrid and a desire took shape in my mind and in my heart: to show my bare and clad wrinkled soles to the world!
So my co-worker began to take pictures of my feet and this has excited me so much... So Here I am! I love to wear sexy stockings and pantyhose all day under my white coat, and I buy a pair of luxury shoes weekly, because to have sexy high heels is an obsession for me. My greatest desire lately is to be robbed on the streets of my precious shoes, after teasing someone with one of my Shoeplay shows... Hope you like my website

A little about me:

Name: Ninni
Zodiac: Leo
Nationality: Spanish
Orientation: Bi Sexual
Favorite Foods: Mexican, Italian & Sushi
Favorite Drinks: Wine, wine and wine
Pets: Dogs and horses
Music: Classical, Red Hot, Beatles, Madonna, Dido and more...
Shoe-size: Us women 8

Candid shoeplay in pantyhose

Candid shoeplay in pantyhose

Sexy Shoeplay in Nylon

sexy shoeplay
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